Monthly Playlist: August 2021

With a semblance of normality gradually returning, we’re gearing up for gigs and the like, but we’re still blasting bangers at home. Here’s our playlist this month, featuring our newly unveiled guitarist Chris’ picks, too.


Joe – Vocals

The Ruins of Beverast – Kromlech Knell

The Ruins of Beverast evoke the feeling of being trapped in an enormous ancient burial chamber where the dead may not be as restful as you’d hoped… and that’s really fucking cool.

Ondskapt – A Graveyard Night

More traditional mid-paced black metal, but it’s strength is in its subtly. It’s eerie, dark and brooding.

Together To The Stars – Timeless

Melodic blackened metal with a post hardcore vocal. It’s strangely beautiful and positive in its tone.

Iotuun – The Weaver System

Hugely grandiose, Iotuun have been a recent revelation for. The science fiction theme and gorgeous combination of operatic and harsh vocal is exquisite, topped off by the melancholic undertone of this particular track.

Slipknot – Everything Ends

Iowa was the soundtrack to my final year at secondary school and to embracing the notion that there was nothing wrong with being who I was. This song in particular captured the obnoxious defiance of that moment of realisation I had as an angry fifteen year old. RIP Joey.


Nick – Guitar

Four Stroke Baron – Friday Knight

What a great piece of prog pop/metal. Cool riffs, great vocal lines and solid production from Devin Townsend. These are a band I’m completely new to so colour me delighted that they already have two albums released with a third on the way, from which this track is a single.

Puppy – Arabella

I’ve always wanted to catch Puppy live and on the two occasions I planned to go see them, my plans were scuppered by having to play gigs with Ba’al on the same nights. Every cloud and all that.

Møl – Photophobic

Their debut was one of the freshest black metal albums I’ve heard in a while and Photophobic sounds like another step forward. I’m loving the injection of more post-hardcore riffs and ideas on this track, I’m confident their new album is going to be off the chain.

Carpenter Brut – Roller Mobster

After occasionally dabbling with Carpenter Brut’s back catalogue for a while, it was playing Hotline Miami 2 that urged me to invest some proper time in it. Perfect synth wave soundtrack for assaulting a mob-owned nightclub with a machine gun in the 80s.

The Horrors – Lout

Did not expect The Horrors to release something this aggressive but I am 100% into it, they’ve nailed industrial noise rock, or whatever you want to call. A shame it’s only an EP but if their next album is anything like this it’s going to be much amaze.


Chris – Guitar

Lola Kirke – Monster

Atmospheric, echoey folk-pop. For me, this is at the same table as Taylor Swift’s Folklore in the cafeteria of my music tastes, and the chorus is a catchy one. Fun aside: Lola Kirke is also an actress, and having devoured all 5 seasons of Mozart in the Jungle (which she starred in as a professional oboist turned conductor), I have a MASSIVE crush on her.

Omega Massif – Unter Null

The cover art for the album this is taken from reminds me of a Martian landscape, and the music is an appropriate soundtrack – spacey atmosphere leading into cascading sludge riffs in the vein of Neurosis or Cult of Luna.


Lingua Ignota is in a bracket of musicians I mentally categorise as “hard to listen to” – not because their music is too complex or avant-garde for me to follow, but because the raw emotion they pour into their work can be overwhelming. This new track off her upcoming album is outwardly quite simple (moody piano and vocals), but it perfectly illustrates the maxim of “less is more” and will dig it’s way into your head.

Genghis Tron – Ritual Circle

There isn’t another band like Genghis Tron, and I can say that with certainty. Their style defies classification (it’s rooted in rock/metal, but touches on electronica, noise, glitch, drone, ambient) and this track from their new album Dream Weapon brings all those disparate influences together into a transcendent ten minute whole.

Slipknot – Duality

I couldn’t not include a Slipknot track on here – the death of Joey Jordison was a shock, and it highlighted how much his playing influenced a lot of people my age. I struggled to pick a favourite Slipknot song (there’s a long list to choose from), but ‘Duality’ definitely gave Joey plenty of room to show off and that chorus is absolutely chef’s kiss.


Richard – Bass

Slipknot – (Sic)

Had to include some Slipknot for obvious reasons. I was never as huge a Slipknot fan growing up as many of my metal friends were and are, but I still have a lot of time for the first two albums in particular, and the iconic half-time grooves and sick (!) fills on this banger stand up as as fitting a tribute to the maestro Joey as any.

Gruzja – Jeszcze nie mamy na was pomysłu II

Absolutely nailing an avant-garde mix of black metal and post-punk with a whole lot else besides, this album is a bizarre experience to which I was further won over by the fact that a Polish reviewer on Rate Your Music compared them to my other band, the considerably less-acclaimed Bleating Apocalypse. You’ll find bits that sounds like Rammstein, Shining (SWE), Mr Bungle, The Cure and a lot more… Go figure.

The Darkness – Hazel Eyes

Following the success of the hair metal excess and good time rock’n’roll of Permission to Land, The Darkness’ decided to make a second (and final pre-cocaine-downfall) album that throws away the rulebook entirely and goes off on several wonderful flights of fancy into absolute ridiculousness. This one in particular has been in my head recently, with it’s mixture of Celtic folk (with partial sincerity, but also large amounts of satire, and a comical Scottish accent) and the trademark big riffs and memorable solos. I say all this without a hint of irony, because The Darkness are one of the UK’s greatest exports and I will hear no other opinion.

Rafael Anton Irisarri – Bastion

A huge discovery for me this month has been the so-called ‘loud ambient’ of Rafael Anton Irisarri. Trading in overwhelmingly lush synthetic soundscapes, his music is made to get absolutely lost in. Truly superb.

AL-90 – Tvoya Pesnya

Like standing in the queue outside a club and listening to the catchy, rhythmic house grooves through the wall. Chilled out but with a pumping groove, this is 100% my vibe and another one I’ve had on repeat.

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