Monthly Playlist: October 2021

As we prepare for tour, we’re still blasting bangers at high volumes to all nearby parties. Here’s what some of us have been spinning of late, with our waffle on why we like it.


Richard – Bass

Triptykon – Myopic Empire

Recently I’ve gone in on Triptykon for the first time, having remembered how much I liked the final Celtic Frost album, and I can’t believe this has been missing from my life all this time. Suffocating doom with a heavy gothic edge, filtered through Tom G Warrior’s signature buzzing guitar tone, housed in the trappings of black metal and backed up by some chunky riffs that are basically death metal beatdowns. UGH.

Kurupt FM – A Million

People Just Do Nothing very quickly became one of my all-time favourite British TV shows when I discovered it a few years ago, so getting the film and the album from The Best MC in the Galaxy and his crew within a few months of eachother has been a real treat. Yes, it’s very funny stuff, but the boldly titled debut release Greatest Hits (Part 1) is genuinely full of bangers that bring a shiny modern production to the sounds of UK Garage, early grime and dubstep from the Golden Era of 1997-2001. Kurupt FM: the rest are irrelevant.

Kimyan Law – Seven Ant Foley

Nominally a drum’n’bass artist, Kimyan Law’s composition are so much more free and technicolour than that tag implies. Restrained, atmospheric and yet full of bounce and groove, this is just my kind of electronic music: adventurous, but still focused on Big Beats, which, as we all know, are the best (get high all the time).

Gaerea – Whispers

Fiery and spirited black metal with the downtuned, meaty guitar tone of a sludge band and some of the sensibilities of post metal. Make no mistake, this is immediate and aggressive stuff, but it’s filthy underbelly will get it’s hooks deep into you.

Путь – Волос твоих пепел, Рахиль

Atmospheric black metal with an accordion. That sentence plus the hilarious painting of a skeleton playing an accordion in the snow on the album cover should have you intrigued enough to check it out. If you’re not sold, though, I’ll add that the accordion is far away from your usual, cheesy folk metal fare, and is actually a sparingly used and effective textural element to flesh out a convincing and pretty powerful atmospheric black metal sound. Come for the gimmick, stay for the quality.


Chris – Guitar

Hail Spirit Noir – Visitors of Horror

The masters of spooky theremin metal are back! As ever, this is catchy as shit and I love their sound – coupled with the artwork, it has the vibe of a low-budget 80s horror movie, which is perfect for this time of the year.

Spiritbox – The Summit

“What if Taylor Swift did djent” is a sentence that popped into my head to describe Spiritbox after our other guitarist Nick recommended them to me – this track is the exemplar of that, with a vocal line that seriously wouldn’t sound out of place on a Tay-Tay album but crossed with BIG RIFFS. A delight!

Amplifier – Cat’s Cradle

Bit of a throwback here, for some reason the chorus of this track popped into my head and wouldn’t go away until I’d listened to it thoroughly this month. Fun psychedelic fuzz-rock, and the lead singer/guitarist has the distinction of possessing the most ridiculously OTT pedalboard I’ve ever seen anyone use.

Daniel Hart ft. Emma Tring – Aiganz O Kulzphazur

This track comes from the soundtrack of The Green Knight, one of my most-anticipated movies of the year (hell, I’ll say it: of all time) – the movie absolutely didn’t disappoint, because it’s phenomenal, and this song is a highpoint of a very good soundtrack. The vocal line is absolutely beautiful and haunting, and it perfectly captures the vibe of the film – lush greenery, tormented knights and the misty mountains of Albion.

Rina Sawayama – Enter Sandman

Controversial statement time: this is the best version of Enter Sandman that’s ever been done. Literally my only (minor) complaint is that it’s been brickwalled (like basically every mainstream pop song), but Rina clearly understood the brief because this is HEAVY, and her vocals are perfect for it. I feel no shame in the more basic elements of my music taste – have fun with your krieg two-man forest BM recorded at the bottom of a well, elitists, I’ll be over here singing along to Metallica!


Nick – Guitar

Little Simz – Introvert

This track sets the tone for what is probably my favourite hip-hop album of the year. The production is amazing, Simz’ lyrics and delivery is amazing, it’s just generally amazing, so yeah, go listen to it.

Chvrches – How Not to Drown (feat. Robert Smith)

I think this new album is the best thing Chvrches have ever done, and this track featuring the absolute DON epitomises that. What else is there to say?

Lut – Mersmark

Maybe it’s a bit ignorant of me to say they sound like a cross between Kvelertak and the Hives based on their overall sound and the fact that they’re all very loosely connected geographically, but they do basically sound like that so I’m not wrong. I can only imagine these would be a sweet band to catch live, this album has so much frenetic energy which would translate so well to the kind of sweat box show that COVID doesn’t really allow for at the moment.

Sleep Token – Hypnosis

This week’s most polarising band just so happens to be a band I dig the fuck out of. Their new album is a solid continuation of Sundowning, offering a ton of haunting vocals from Vessel and a fair few stacked riffs. This track in particular is clearly taking notes from Deftones and is a definite highlight. They may not be everyone’s bag but if you like it then who the flip cares?

Biffy Clyro – End Of

Underrated may be a push given how popular and critically lauded they generally are, but I can’t help but feel like Biffy get overlooked when we talk about great bands of the last 20 years. Without doubt one of the best bands I’ve ever seen live and even after 15 or so years and about 8 albums, they’re still flirting with the mainstream AND dropping mental bangers, and they’re doing both better than most bands can even do one.

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