Monthly Playlist: November 2021

We’re back from our tour, we’re writing new music and there are lots of exciting things going on. One thing that never changes, though, is our love for blasting out tunes, so here’s what some of us have been listening to this month.


Richard – Bass

Gozer – Crown Eater (this one’s not on Spotify – get it sorted lads. For now you can stream/download it from BandCamp here)

An obvious choice to kick things off with, following our UK tour with Gozer last month. These guys have been like family to us for years, so to spend a week on the road with them was sublime. Since coming back I’ve been absolutely rinsing this, their debut single under their current moniker. It goes hard like Amenra, with some filthy bass grooves to underpin it all. Having had a sneak peak at their upcoming material, I can say now that you absolutely need to keep a weather eye out for what comes next from this trio of lampshade enthusiasts.

Dødheimsgard – 21st Century Devil

This month’s edition of ‘legendary band that Richard has only just listened to for the first time’. It’s got the buzzing riffs of mid-career Dimmu that I love, mixed with tons of electronics and some dumb, fun industrial metal grooves. Hefty and silly in just the right measures.

Leftfield – Black Flute

Leftism is a record my partner got me into a couple of years ago and it’s one I’ve been blasting in my car recently. Unbeatable 90s dance vibes with some real power alongside the good times.

Deafheaven – Other Language

Deafheaven’s shedding of almost all of their black metal elements and their transformation into a fully-fledged shoegaze band makes total sense given the direction they were already heading in on the last record, and yet it still took me a little by surprise. However, a few spins in, I’m definitely a fan. Whilst I’m far from one of the deniers who think the only good bit of the album is right at the end when they briefly bring back the shrieking, I do think that the album’s highlights are when they add some quasi-metal weight into the guitar tones, and this is one of a few tracks in the middle where the balance is just right for me.

Ross From Friends – R.A.T.S.

Whilst I invest time getting stuck into his new album, I’ve also been revisiting the debut album from this Essex techno/house maestro and preparing to finally see him live next year, having had previous plans ruined multiple times by COVID. Good vibes, slick grooves, hard kicks. Get into it.


Joe – Vocals

Sunken – Ensomhed

Taken from my favourite album of 2020, this track is masterfully paced and has one of the most crushingly anthemic and goosebump enabling closing sections I’ve ever heard.

Ellende – Der Blick Wird Leer

Solid atmospheric black metal from a consistently tremendous band. A real ear worm of an opening riff sets up a track I return to frequently.

Dreariness – Starless Night

The burgeoning sense of mournful despair is utterly palpable. Criminally underrated artist and a track that is morose but laced with beauty.

Swallow the Sun – The Ship

The closing track from my favourite album of theirs, the lyrics are absolutely gorgeous and I’m honoured to have seen them play this live.

Deafheaven – Great Mass Of Colour

Typically I’m very easy going and understanding about people having strong opinions on music. But if you don’t like the new Deafheaven you can fuck off.


Chris – Guitar

Septicflesh – The Vampire from Nazareth

I watched Midnight Mass this month (it was very good), and I couldn’t get this song out of my head the entire time. Beefy symphonic death metal = YES PLEASE.

Green Lung – Old Gods

Really vibing with the new Green Lung – psych-sludge-doom with tasty vocals.

Zeal & Ardor – Götterdämmerung

At this point Zeal & Ardor could fart into a microphone for 3 minutes and I’d probably love it, but my bias aside, this new track off their upcoming 4th album absolutely slaps.

Florence & The Machine – Stand By Me

Florence & The Machine’s own songs are fantastic (High As Hope is a phenomenal album) but this cover, done for the videogame Final Fantasy XV of all places, really showcases just how impressively huge her vocal talents are.

Bolt Thrower – World Eater

Sometimes you just need to listen to sloppy, 80s, Warhammer 40K-inspired death metal. Blood for the blood god!


Nick – Guitar

Biffy Clyro – Unknown Male 01

There are few bands that can adopt as many genres into their repertoire as seamlessly as Biffy Clyro, especially considering how uniquely like Biffy they always sound. The range on display on their new album is mesmerising, and I honestly believe they could release entire albums devoted to each of their stylistic bases and do so with as much creativity as most other bands could hope to achieve.

Wolves In The Throne Room – Spirit of Lightning

Wolves In The Throne Room are a band that I should love and yet I’ve never quite gotten into them as much as perhaps I could. Whether it’s because I’ve not been patient enough to engage with them or otherwise I’m not sure. Regardless, Primordial Arcana is the first album of theirs that I truly connected with (Thrice Woven came close). Maybe I’ve finally passed the threshold and will begin to appreciate them as much as their reputation deserves.

Aging – The Trapped Man

I’ve been consuming a lot of noir fiction of late, including watching a great Korean series called ‘My Name’ and getting completely lost within the world of ‘Disco Elysium’ on switch (sorry to my partner for being so absorbed in this lately). This album is the perfect companion piece to the grim mystique of this stylish genre. As I listened to this exquisitely smooth and intriguing jazz album, I couldn’t help but picture myself larking about in a trench coat and solving crimes whilst wrestling an addiction of some variety.

Monolord – The Weary

The kings of writing massive tracks devoted to the riff. This album ranks as perhaps their strongest yet in my opinion, with some genuine ear worms that I still haven’t shaken off. Hails.

Miki Matsubara – Stay With Me

Apparently this track has seen a massive resurgence recently and it’s no surprise because dang this shit is catchy. What a gem and I’m so glad I discovered it.

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