Monthly Playlist: July 2022

More monthly tunes and associated words from us this month, including the return of Luke, gushing about the bands he discovered at TechFest.


Joe – Vocals

Svalbard – The Currency of Beauty

I’ve had a bit of a Svalbard binge recently, but I always come back to this track. The conviction in Serena’s voice as she screams “stop fucking rating us, stop fucking hating us / this isn’t a pageant and it isn’t a compliment” is palpable.

White Ward – Lethiathan

The opener to White Ward’s strong AOTY contender is an absolute joy in progressive black metal. Any band that can fit a saxophone into their songs in a way that is seamless and in no ways contrived is a winner for me.

Panzerfaust – The Faustian Pact

Wartorn black metal that swells with morbid atmosphere like a water logged corpse swells with decay. True nightmare fuel and I love it, looking forward to the new album this month.

Naglfar – Horns

I’ve always felt Naglfar are really underrated and consider them far better than many of their contemporaries. This track from their last release harks back to the hook laden Pariah album.

Blut Aus Nord – Neptune’s Eye

Ea, ea Chthulu phtagn, yog os ek voot… ragnoth voot ea grol… yahhkgh yaghk (inaudible interdimensional gibbering continues)


Nick – Guitar

Kardashev – Lavender Calligraphy

Deathcore mixed with blackgaze is like my nightly wet dream where Deafheaven are more beatdown-y.

Pound – X-Xx-X—-X-X—-X-X—-

Was an absolute honour and a pleasure to play with these guys last week but thank Christ we never had to play straight after them. Lovely guys, monster riffs, if you like Car Bomb with extra bomb, Pound will scratch that itch. Also, if you translate this song title into morse code, you get the word “EIEEEEE” which, incidentally, is the same noise I made when when they let us use their insane backline.

Primitive Man – Cage Intimacy

Where the former track is that gif of a confused woman with equation’s floating around her head, this track is that gif of a woman haphazardly striking, and subsequently destroying, some dry wall with a hammer.

Bleed From Within – Flesh & Stone

This track in particular captures two of my absolute favourite things in popular music; dutty-ass breakdowns and egregious synth strings that Dimmu would be proud of.

TesseracT – Of Energy – Singularity

In my mind you can separate djent into one of two schools; the hostile freneticism of Meshuggah, and the ascendant poise of TesseracT. Whilst the genre has spread its wings far beyond, I always find myself returning to these two sovereign entities. This month it’s been the latter and I’m reminded that Altered State still sits at the peak of Wobble Riff Mountain.


Chris – Guitar

Allegaeon – Into Embers

I first encountered Allegaeon years ago (via a music blog, of all places) and enjoyed what I heard, but drifted out of actively following them. This album therefore was a pleasant surprise – very well-produced and tightly-performed melodic/technical death metal which doesn’t get too wanky is right in my wheelhouse.

Spiritbox – Rotoscope

Eternal Blue was one of my top albums of last year, stuffed with absolute earworms, so I was excited to find out that Spiritbox are back with some new tunes – they’re definitely stretching out a little, and this doesn’t have the same sort of vibe as the album, but it still slaps. Excited for more of this!

Celestial City Symphony Orchestra – Terminus Est

Welcome to Prog City, population: you. Spotify served this up for me and I’ve got to admit, it knows me pretty well – there are elements of videogame classical and electronica here, mixed in nicely with some big melodic guitar work that creates a crystal-clean, neon-lit big city atmosphere. Not bad for (apparently) a solo project!

Danimal Cannon – Escape

Danimal Cannon is one of those people who seems content to straddle a variety of genres – from guitar solos on the latest Supercomputer album and his stint with Metroid Metal, to the fantastic Parallel Processing album with Zef (absolutely worth a listen if you like EXTREMELY MEATY chiptune), he’s basically just very good at song-writing. This track from his latest solo release is firmly in electronica territory, but you can hear the riff sensibilities underpinning it.

Oasis – Champagne Supernova

I grew up in close proximity to Manchester during the mid-late 90s, which means that it was illegal not to love Oasis. And you know what? The Gallaghers might both be arseholes (for a variety of reasons) but they came out with, for my money, some phenomenal music that has stood the test of time (except Wonderwall). If you relax and let the Britpop wash over you, it’s like you’ve gone back in time to 1994 – when we had a marginally less-shit Tory government riddled with scandal and corruption and there was some actual hope for the future. :upside_down_face:


Richard – Bass

Krallice – Cnestorial

I’m very late to the party getting into Krallice, especially as they’ve just released a new album and this is from their debut which came out in 2008, but I’m a bit obsessed. Here they take black metal progressions that could be straightforward in the hands of another band and twist it into weird shapes with odd chord voicings and bass notes. Weird whilst still being accessible (for frenetic black metal), and still full of atmosphere.

Prince & the Revolution – The Beautiful Ones

Apparently I’ve been a Prince fan ever since I was a toddler, as my parents have told me tales of me repeating The Purple One’s raunchy lyrics to them at a very young age, blissfully unaware of the usually very horny meaning of them. I’ve been returning to the absolute pop masterclass Purple Rain recently, and I think this dreamy synth ballad is an underrated track that really goes to some cool places.

The Ephemeron Loop – Lattice Dysmorphism of Lysothymic Onerioid Cytoterrain

Where to start with The Ephemeron Loop? I discovered this album – Psychonautic Escapism – via a BandCamp email and it’s shot right up amongst my albums of the year so far. Dream pop, ambient, metal, noise, shoegaze, trance, grind… It’s all of these things and more, with lyrics dealing with issues around mental health, trans identity and, yes, psychedelic drugs, made by someone called Vymethoxy Redspiders. There’s little more to say after that – just give it a go.

Author & Punisher – Drone Carrying Dread

Despite being incredible live, obviously, it’s taken me some time to come around to A&P on record, but I managed to get onside just before the release of this new album, and I’m really digging its especially doomy, industrial vibe.

Cocteau Twins – Heaven or Las Vegas

Another otherworldly pop classic this month, this time in the shape of dream pop visionaries Cocteau Twins and their truly ethereal cocktail of heady soundscapes, nonspecific nostalgic feelings and confusing nonsense half-words that might trick your brain into thinking you’re having a stroke. Genius.


Luke – Drums

A Night in the Abyss – Begotten

These guys were a lovely discovery for me. Combining tech-death instrumentals, guttural vocals, and orchestrals in a manner reminiscent of earlier Fleshgod Apocalypse, they hit with a ferocious amount of energy and speed which just gets me going.

Grey Lotus – Azure Rain

Fuck me these guys are talented. Their vocalist has incredible gutturals, screams, and cleans and can change between them with ease. The drummer is a force to be reckoned with, and the guitars are beautiful, groovy and br00tal. lovely stuff!

Anima Tempo – The Infinite Eye

A fantastic mix of groove, video-game-esque synthy sounds, and all manner of fun stuff with beautiful clean vocals, offset with raw growls in the odd breakdown section.

Black Orchid Empire – Natural Selection

Do you want a singalong? This band have a great talent for mixing catchy vocals with odd time signatures and grooves that you just can’t help moving to. They’re kinda reminiscent of earlier Biffy Clyro but with more prog!

The Ocean – Cambrian II: Eternal Recurrence

Long post metal sections interspersed with heavy riffs and some of the most compelling vocals. This band have a good shot at making you feel things and making sure you dance with those feelings.

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